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Every Woman Deserves To Feel Pretty

And Have Salon Perfect Hair

Watch out HSN and The Big Idea, Here we come! This perfect hair volumizing insert began to exist in my mind 13 years ago as I dreamed it up.....let me start at the beginning... Ever since I was three years old I wanted to do hair and make women feel pretty, In 1994 I had a small beauty shop of my own. I loved to style ladies hair....and discovered I was very good at the "Bumping it up" part!

Ladies of all ages came into my salon and asked the same thing after I teased (Bumped) their hair in the crown....."Show me how to do it?" I would show them time after time, but usually I was met with the same statements of frustration "I cant get the volume!" " I can't do it like that", or "It doesn't stay when I do it!"

One day I created a solution... an easy to use hidden leave in volumizing insert... "Bumpits"! But I did not act on it until May, 2007.

Finally, after seeing the show "The Big Idea" with Donny Deutsch at the end of spring, I decided to go for it! I had nothing to lose! I went and spoke to a patent attorney and a design engineer, and showed them my popsicle sticks that I thought somewhat resembled a perfect volumizing insert. We made a few revisions. Then a few more. Found an awesome manufacturer, then made a few more revisions! After telling my friends and family, everyone encouraged me and loved my new product, Bumpits! ...(women, that don't exactly get it!) Women LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

...And we all lived Happily Ever After! (with perfectly Bumped hair of course!)

Bumpits  Chief Executive Optimist